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Human Research Ethics Committee

The Department of Health WA Human Research Ethics Committee (DOH HREC) is a Human Research Ethics Committee with special responsibility for oversight of the use and disclosure of personal health information held in the Department of Health data collections.


Do you need DOH HREC approval for your project?

The HREC application process

Applicants for ethics approval please note that the Committee expects an application to be finalised (proofread, edited and corrected) before submission. This particularly applies to participant information sheets and consent forms.

Participant information sheets should be relevant to the needs of the participants in each project and written in plain English.

Application Forms

A full DOH HREC application comprises the WA Health Ethics Application Form or the National Ethics Application Form v2.0 (NEAF) with the WA Specific Module, plus the Application for Data Form and any relevant supporting documentation.

Other Forms


HREC Executive Officer
(08) 9222 4278

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