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Information About Health Data  

How to request data

The Western Australian Department of Health (DOH) maintains health data collections on behalf of the people of Western Australia. The data collections contain the personal health information of individuals and are used to monitor the health of Western Australians and support the effective delivery of health services.

The information is used for the planning, management and monitoring of health services, and for epidemiological analysis and health related research. It is also used to meet funding and performance reporting obligations.

Bona fide health researchers prepared to comply with the necessary application processes and strict conditions outlined in the Practice Code may be provided with data from the DOH data collections for epidemiological analysis and health related research.

The application process

Data requests should be directed to the relevant health data custodians before proceeding with the application process.

If you need DOH Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) approval for your project, please see the HREC page.

Data Linkage

If you are requesting data from more than one DoH Data Collection, your project will require linkage services. Further information, please see the data linkage website, or contact

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