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Having a baby

Returning to work

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Going back to work

Going back to work after the birth of your baby can be a difficult transition for you and your baby or toddler. It is very important how you and your baby feel about the new arrangements with a new carer. Information on going back to work is available from the South Australian Children, Youth and Women’s Health Service.

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Child care

There are a number of guides and checklists to help parents choose the right type of child care for their child, available from the WA Department of Communities.

» More on finding the right child care (external site)

Breastfeeding and work

Breastfeeding and paid work can be successfully combined if you have support from your employer, colleagues, family and some flexibility in your workplace. Information on breastfeeding and work is available from the Victorian state government Better Health Channel.

» More about breastfeeding and work (external site)
» Breastfeeding expressing and storing breastmilk (PDF) (CACH 2009) – Information on how to express and store breastmilk.

Parental leave (maternity and paternity leave)

Parental leave includes maternity leave (mother), paternity leave (partner) and adoption leave. All full time, part time, contract and casual employees are entitled to unpaid parental leave after completing 12 months continuous service with their employer. Information on parental leave is available from the Australian Government Fair Work Ombudsman and the Western Australian Department of Commerce.

» More about parental leave – Fair Work Ombudsman (external site)
» More about parental leave – Department of Commerce (PDF)

The Australian Government introduced a comprehensive Paid Parental Leave scheme in 2009-2010 budget. You will only be able to get Government Paid Parental Leave if your child is born or adopted on or after 1 January 2011. Information on the Paid Parental Leave scheme is available from the Australian Government Family Assistance Office.

» More about the Paid Parental Leave scheme (external site)

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