Hand hygiene

Staff member washing hands

WA Health and hand hygiene

The WA Health Department is committed to delivering health care of the highest quality to WA health consumers. Our infection control practices are among the best in the world. Maintaining high hand hygiene practices in WA hospitals is one way healthcare workers can ensure the delivery of safe high quality patient care.

WA hospitals have worked to improve healthcare worker access to hand hygiene products. This includes increasing the availability of alcohol based hand rubs by placing these products within each patient's bed space area, and in many hospitals locating hand rub at the foot of the patient's bed.

Research has demonstrated that improving healthcare worker hand hygiene can reduce the spread of microorganisms (germs) in the hospital setting. Improving hand hygiene protects both patient and healthcare worker, and has been shown to reduce the number of healthcare associated infections.

Along with existing infection prevention practices, WA Health involvement with the National Hand Hygiene Initiative, including ongoing education and continued monitoring and reporting, will ensure that we limit the spread of germs in our hospitals.