Delivering a Healthy WA

Patient administration system (PAS)

What is it?

The patient administration system (PAS) project will:

  • Remove the risks to business continuity associated with the aging TOPAS infrastructure and application. 
  • Provide a PAS that has the capability to support WA Health Reform objectives
  • Seek to standardise and improve business processes within the capability of the application across all public hospitals in WA.

The project replaces the existing PAS system and will deliver improved functionality that includes:

  • Patient flow management
  • Scheduling (waitlist, outpatient)
  • Ambulatory care subsystem (scheduling, note keeping)
  • Common services including:
    • admission discharge transfer (ADT)
    • unique patient index
    • patient billing
    • clinical coding
    • information management (improved performance reporting and drill-down capability)

Delivery date

The Implementation Planning Study (IPS) has commenced and will enable the development of the state wide footprint. As part of this process, current workflows are being examined to support standardisation of business processes.

The first site implementation will occur at Fremantle Hospital and we are targeting that this is completed November 2011.


In October/November 2010 an evaluation of webPAS was conducted by the PAS project team, the webPAS system was found to be a better fit for WAHealth. Both the PAS project governance body and HIN executives endorsed an Implementation Planning Study (IPS) of webPAS. This stage of the PAS project will take three months and is scheduled to be completed February 2011.

Screen shot of webPAS


The future state for the patient administration system will provide:

  • Access to timely and complete information about health system activities and outcomes
  • A reliable and comprehensive evidence base to inform and monitor the impact of policy, investment and administrative decisions
  • The ability to share information electronically in a timely and secure manner across multiple sites, across the state using live interlinked data
  • Access to data that allows WA Health to more effectively monitor and evaluate service delivery outcomes
  • Access to appropriate information sources and decision support tools at the point of care