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Guide clarifies HIV disclosure issues

The WA AIDS Council (WAAC), in partnership with the HIV/AIDS Legal Centre, recently launched a guide on disclosure of HIV status in Western Australia.

Current WA health laws do not specifically deal with sexual transmission of HIV, nor do they require a HIV-positive person to disclose his or her status to a sexual partner. A person who transmits HIV, however, may face criminal charges for transmission of the virus.

The guide is a simple-to-read handbook for HIV-positive people that will help them to understand when, or if, they have to disclose their HIV-status. It covers a variety of everyday situations including visits to dental, employment and insurance services.  It is a useful publication that should be made available to people newly diagnosed or living with HIV.

The booklet was based on the 2008 HIV/AIDS Legal Centre NSW disclosure guide. The WA Department of Health, People living with HIV and WAAC staff contributed to the WA guide. The WA Disclosure Guide can be ordered by contacting Liz Walker – HIV Positive Peer Education Officer at the WA AIDS Council on 9482 0000.

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