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Video promotes benefits of HPV vaccination for young males

The Department of Health has produced a short video on the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) to highlight the benefits of vaccinating young males against the virus.

The video’s production follows extension of the school-based HPV vaccination program to include year 8 boys and a one-off “catch-up” initiative for males in years 9 and 10.

When the Commonwealth-funded vaccination program was introduced in 2007 it was targeted exclusively at teenage girls, with promotion focussed on prevention of cervical cancer.

With boys entry into the program in February this year it became necessary to broaden promotion to include additional cancers, such as throat and penile cancers, and warts.

The new 4-minute video features Fremantle Hospital sexual health physician Dr Lewis Marshall talking about the risks of HPV-related cancers in the male population.

Dr Marshall also discusses the high prevalence of HPV infection among Australians and reveals that most people with HPV infections do not present with symptoms so can inadvertently pass the virus on to others.

In the video, Dr Marshall also shares the findings of data collated from cervical screening programs which shows that HPV-related diseases have declined significantly since the HPV vaccine was introduced for females.

The video also:

  • provides parents with information on accessing the vaccine for their teens
  • highlights the importance of completing the course (3 doses)
  • encourages parents to take advantage of the one-off free catch up school vaccination program for boys in years 9 and 10 (which ends this year).

The HPV video can be viewed on the public health website

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