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West leads way in web-based vaccine ordering

Western Australia has become the first Australian jurisdiction to provide web-based vaccine ordering.

The convenient online system for ordering government-funded vaccines is now available statewide after a rollout to regional areas in June. It followed 18 months of use by immunisation service providers in the metropolitan area and a 6-month trial period in the Wheatbelt and Goldfields regions.

The online vaccine ordering system replaces the fax/phone-based process used previously by immunisation service providers.

Vaccines that can be ordered online include all childhood, year 7 and influenza vaccines funded by the Commonwealth; vaccines provided through state-funded programs such as the new-parent pertussis program; and influenza vaccines for children between the ages of 6 months and 5 years of age.

The online system does not fill orders of non-standard vaccines, such as hepatitis vaccines provided by the Sexual Health and Blood-Borne Virus program, and vaccines for migrant catch-ups and rabies.

Immunisation providers can access the online system by typing into their web browser. Each practice that provides a vaccination service is allocated a unique username and password. Most practices should already have received these in the mail. Any that have not received these should email or telephone 9388 4835.

The username and password enables practices to log in to the system to place orders. A step-by-step user guide has also been sent to each provider practice.

Once an order is placed it goes to the vaccine orders team for approval. Approved orders destined for the metropolitan area are then shipped directly to practices. Orders destined for outside the metropolitan area are sent to one of 13 regional hospital pharmacies, which forward individual orders to the relevant providers in their region.

To date, 528 metropolitan-based providers and 297 regional-based immunisation providers are registered to receive government-funded vaccines in Western Australia. Over the past financial year, 11,280 orders have been shipped to 673 providers.

This amounts to 51,190 boxes of vaccine moving across Western Australia under carefully controlled cold chain conditions.

The online ordering system is a more rigorous and accountable system than its predecessor because it enables orders to be monitored and reported on with greater accuracy and timeliness. It has already helped to reduce vaccine wastage and leakage.

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