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Campaign calls for HIV treatment talks

The National Association of People with HIV (Australia) has launched a national media campaign that urges people with HIV to talk to their doctors about new treatments.

Recently released HIV treatment guidelines by the US Department of Health and Human Services (the main reference used in Australia to help doctors and patients with HIV health and treatment decision making) now recommend HIV treatment for all people with HIV.

Called Start the Conversation Today, the campaign follows growing evidence that suggests:

  • delaying treatment can seriously affect a patient’s health
  • HIV treatments are now more effective and better tolerated
  • starting HIV treatments earlier prevents damage associated with HIV replication during the early stages of infection
  • earlier treatment may reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, cancers, bone problems and neurological complications.

The Australasian Society for HIV Medicine (ASHM) has created an online GP Tool Kit (external site) to help health practitioners answer questions that might arise from the new campaign and to provide guidance on the clinical management of HIV.

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