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WA Cervical Cancer Prevention Program

Nerida Steel (Program Manager) of the WA Cervical Cancer Prevention Program announces:

"General Practitioner's that deliver cervical screening services are critical to women's wellbeing and the continued success of the WA Cervical Screening Program. In October 2013, the Program will be disseminating a survey to all GPs that have provided cervical screening services in the past 12 months.

The survey aims to investigate GP's views on human papillomavirus vaccines, knowledge of the current cervical screening policy and management pathways and participation in the Practice Incentive Program (Cervical Screening). I greatly appreciate and thank GPs in advance for their time, expertise and contribution to this initiative and I look forward to working together in the promotion of women's health and wellbeing."

For further information regarding this initiative please contact us.

Regular Pap smears prevent cervical cancer. Protect yourself.

Pap smears save lives:

  • Cervical cancer is one of the most preventable of all cancers
  • If you are aged 18-70 years and have ever been sexually active you should have regular Pap smears every two years
  • Even if you have had the vaccination for Human Papillomavirus (HPV), you still need to have regular Pap smears every two years

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Available: 2015 Pap Smear Provider Scholarships

Nerida Steel (Program Manager) of the WA Cervical Cancer Prevention Program (WACCPP) announced “I am very pleased to invite nurses or midwives that are committed to delivering cervical screening services to apply for a scholarship to fund attendance at the Sexual & Reproductive Health Western Australia (formerly FPWA Sexual Health Services) Pap Smear Provider Course from 31 August - 3 September 2015.

This course develops essential knowledge and skills for nurses and midwives to perform Pap smears on behalf of their supporting doctor. It is a fantastic opportunity for those health care providers to further enhance their capabilities in providing women’s health services.

I encourage all interested applicants to view our Pap Smear Provider Scholarship information to check their eligibility and to apply as soon as possible as a limited number of scholarships are available”.

WA Pap Smear Provider Initiative

Nurses and midwives that are credentialed Pap smear providers (PSPs) ensure that women have access to high quality cervical screening services and assist women in overcoming potential barriers that may prevent them from participating in regular cervical screening.

Kristy Cooper
Kristy Cooper, Senior Nurse, Nurse Practitioner Candidate, Coral Bay

"As a credentialed PSP, I feel that I have the skills and competencies to deliver high quality Pap smears in my remote location (which does not have a permanent medical officer presence). Being a credentialed PSP ensures that the Coral Bay Community has quality of service provision, gender sensitivity, effective health surveillance, early detection and interventions."

Find out more information about WA Pap Smear Providers.

Women update your contact details

When you are overdue for a Pap smear, the Cervical Cytology Registry (CCR) of WA will send you a reminder letter.

To update your contact details call the CCR on 13 15 56.