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Department of Health Annual Report 2011–12 (PDF 14.54MB)

The Department of Health Annual Report 2011–12 is available as a single download or alternatively can be downloaded as seven smaller files, in PDF.

Part 1: Overview of agency (PDF 1.61MB)

The Department overview includes the Director General’s Executive Summary, Vision Statement, WA Health Structure, Senior Officers, Accountable Authority, Pecuniary Interests, Services Provided, Management Structure and WA Health Facts at a Glance.

Part 2: Significant issues impacting the agency (PDF 1.95MB)

This section details the major achievements and highlights of 2011-12 and the Department’s priorities for 2012-13.

Part 3: Key Performance Indicators (PDF 1.04MB)

Key Performance Indicators provide measurements of the efficiency and effectiveness of the delivery of services. This section also includes the Certification Statement and Audit Opinion for the year ended 30 June 2012.

Part 4: Patient Evaluation of Health Services (PDF 314KB)

The Patient Evaluation of Health Services for 2011-12, includes the patient satisfaction ratings of the service and outcome of the health care provided, to give an indication of the quality of healthcare.

Part 5: Disclosure and Compliance Reports (PDF 528KB)

This part provides sections on Compliance with Public Sector Standards and Ethical Codes, Employee Profile, Major Capital Works, Enabling Legislation, Advertising, Pricing Policy, Recordkeeping, Freedom of Information, Disability Access and Inclusion Plan, Internal Audits, Industrial Relations, Substantive Equality, Recruitment, Staff Development, Occupational Safety, Health and Injury Management and Worker’s Compensation.

Part 6: Special Purpose Accounts (PDF 1.03MB)

This section details three Special Purpose Statements.

Part 7: Financial Statements (PDF 5.67MB)

Includes the Financial Statements Certification and the Financial Statements Audit Opinion for the year ended 30 June 2012. Appendix 1: Abbreviations are also contained within Part 7.

Note: This document is available in alternative formats on request for a person with disability. Please contact the Performance Reporting Branch on 9222 4177.

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