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Community Physiotherapy Services (CPS)  

Referral Process

  1. To attend a CPS program, all clients require either a general CPS referral form or a Program Specific Referral form (Pulmonary Rehabilitation Phase 2, Pulmonary Rehabilitation Phase 3, Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase 2, Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase 3 and Parkinson's Disease) ccompleted by a health professional employed by the Public Health Service. Referrals are not accepted from General Practitioners, Nurses or Allied Health Professionals working in the private or non-government sectors. Clients cannot self refer.
  2. Referral forms are available by contacting the Community Physiotherapy Services office on (08) 9224 1783 or by following the links above.
  3. The referrer is to determine if clients may benefit from one-on-one physiotherapy assessment, treatment, and allocation of a home program before entering CPS programs. CPS does not provide one-on-one treatment.
  4. Phone consultation to clarify the suitability of the client for referral is welcome. To speak to a Senior Physiotherapist telephone CPS on (08) 9224 1783.
  5. Completed referral forms can be posted or faxed to CPS.

Clients will be called by a Senior Physiotherapist within approximately 2 weeks of the referral being received to be screened to determine suitability for a CPS class. The physiotherapists at CPS will allocate clients to the most appropriate program and class. Please note that commencement date depends on existing class vacancies and may be affected by school term breaks. Some clients may be placed on a class waiting list for a short period of time prior to commencing classes.

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Questions to Clarify Client Suitability for CPS Programs

  1. What is the main aim of referring the client to CPS? Balance, flexibility, strength, functional ability, cardiovascular conditioning, pain, etc.
  2. Land or Water? Can the client cope with land based exercise or do they need water based exercise due to pain or other limiting factors?
  3. Does the client have private health cover? They may be able to receive immediate private treatment and avoid waiting for the CPS referral process and/or potential waitlists to enter CPS classes.
  4. Are there non-government community classes appropriate for the client? Eg: Living Longer Living Stronger (external site), or water exercise classes run by local recreation centres?
  5. Could this client maintain their own land based or water exercise program without attending a supervised class?
  6. Is there a more age appropriate service available for younger clients?
  7. Has this client had one-on-one physiotherapy for their problem? If not, would they benefit from individual treatment with later referral to CPS?
  8. Can the client cope in a group setting?
  9. Does the client meet the criteria of independence in toileting/dressing or do they have a carer, friend or relative to assist? CPS Physiotherapists are unable leave the group setting to assist with these tasks.

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Important Information to Discuss with your Clients

To avoid client dissatisfaction due to unrealistic expectations please inform clients that:

  1. Clients are assessed on entry to the classes, and re-assessed at 10 weeks (or the end of school term). If the client has met their functional goal and is able to self manage they are discharged, if not they may attend for a longer period. CPS does not routinely offer places for longer than 10 weeks.
  2. The programs are all run in groups in community facilities such as recreation and aquatic centres.
  3. One on one treatment is not available in the community class setting. Clients do, however, receive an individual initial assessment prior to commencing most classes, and where possible complete an individualised exercise program.
  4. Referrals are sent to CPS where class suitability will be determined by Senior Physiotherapists.
  5. CPS cannot guarantee immediate availability of a class position.
  6. Aquatic centres are heated to between 29-31 degrees Celsius. This is cooler than the 33-34 degrees Celsius of hydrotherapy pools. We have very limited availability of hydrotherapy pools.
  7. Please ensure younger clients are aware that our classes are predominantly accessed by older adults.
  8. CPS does not provide or organise transport. We can provide the client with the contact details for Carelink and other agencies to assist with transport.
  9. A Client Information Sheet is available to provide clients with information about and contact details for CPS.

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